Transportation for the Elderly in Florida: All You Need to Know

Are you looking for transportation options for elderly people in Florida? In this article we discuss State Medicaid Managed Care Plans (SMMC LTC), LeeTran, Find a Ride Florida, Faith in Action, hiring professional caregivers and more.

Transportation for the Elderly in Florida: All You Need to Know

Are you looking for transportation options for the elderly in Florida? If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll discuss the various transportation services available to seniors in the Fort Myers area, including State Medicaid Managed Care Plans (SMMC LTC), LeeTran, Find a Ride Florida, and Faith in Action. We'll also discuss the benefits of hiring professional caregivers and the transportation services they provide. Read on to learn more about transportation for the elderly in Florida. State Medicaid Managed Care Plans (SMMC LTC) provide non-emergency transportation services to enrolled members through their transportation provider.

If you're enrolled in an SMMC plan and need to be taken to a covered service, you can find the transportation provider on your health plan's identification card. The Lee County public transportation department, LeeTran, offers regular bus service within the Fort Myers area. Check the maps and schedules of the most recent bus routes to find out more. Find a Ride Florida is a transportation service developed and funded by the University of Florida Department of Occupational Therapy and the Florida Department of Transportation's state safety resource centers for elderly drivers. Find a Ride Florida is committed to helping seniors with their local medical and non-medical transportation needs so they can remain independent and active in their communities.

Riders fill out a short online form and Find a Ride Florida provides a list of transportation services in the Fort Myers area. Faith in Action is a program supported by Dr. This service provides older people in the Fort Myers area with a safe and reliable transportation option to go to doctor's appointments, to the grocery store, or to run other necessary errands. Faith in Action's volunteer drivers are all over 55 years old and usually reside in the same zip code as their passengers, making it easier to connect and easier to access. You can request more information about the Faith in Action transportation service and other services for seniors provided by Dr.

For more information about transportation for seniors and other services for seniors in the Fort Myers area, contact the Southwest Florida Area Agency on Aging online or by phone at 866-413-5337 (866-41-ELDER).Hiring professional caregivers has many advantages, one of which is that older people establish a relationship with them. Caregivers get information about their caregivers' preferred destinations and routes. An added benefit is that when full-time care is needed, care can be expanded to meet those needs. Reliable transportation to community venues and events is vital to preserving the overall health and quality of life of older people. When an older loved one needs safe transportation, see the professional caregivers at Assisting Hands Home Care.

Caregivers are available to take older people to a wide variety of destinations, such as doctor visits, social events at the senior center, group exercise classes for the elderly, and grocery stores. Seniors enrolled in the Alzheimer's Disease Initiative (ADI), Community Care for the Elderly (CCE), Home Care for the Elderly (HCE), Local Service Programs (LSP), or programs provided through the Older Persons Act (OAA) can receive transportation services to or from community services and resources.

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