End-of-Life Planning Services in Elder Home Care Settings

End-of-life planning services are available in an elder home care setting such as nurse visits and special equipment, hospice, palliative care, adult day care and memory care.

End-of-Life Planning Services in Elder Home Care Settings

As the average American's life expectancy increases, the need for a wider range of elderly care options is becoming more apparent. End-of-life care at home is one such option, and it can include nurse visits and special equipment, such as a hospital bed or bedside toilet. Hospice is another type of special care for people who are no longer looking for a cure for their illnesses at the end of life. Palliative care is also available, which focuses on alleviating patients' pain and suffering, rather than medical care.

In addition to these services, adult day care and memory care are also available. Adult day care usually offers everything that adult day care offers, but it also offers medical services equivalent to, or nearly equivalent, to those found in nursing homes. Memory care is typically provided for older people with Alzheimer's or dementia, as well as frail older adults. For those who live alone at home, a tablet can be provided to monitor their safety and mood, provide medication reminders, and allow them to interact with other people.

This type of care is also known as personal care or auxiliary care. If you or a loved one needs long-term care in Florida, Medicaid can be useful in a variety of situations. A good lawyer specializing in senior law can help you decide which long-term care programs can help you and can help you plan for access to these programs if your assets are over the limit. It's important to take time to review your options before making long-term decisions about elderly care.

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