Assessing Home Safety for Elderly People: A Comprehensive Checklist

This comprehensive checklist will help you assess the home of an elderly person for safety and make necessary changes. Learn more about home safety evaluation.

Assessing Home Safety for Elderly People: A Comprehensive Checklist

As we age, our homes can become hazardous places. To ensure the safety of elderly people, it is important to assess their home for potential risks and make necessary changes. A thorough home evaluation by a Seniors At Home home care manager can help identify potential hazards and make recommendations for home improvement. This comprehensive checklist will help you navigate the environment more safely and reduce the risk of injury.

Security System - Installing a security system can help prevent intrusions into the house. This is especially important for elderly people who live alone.


- If necessary, ramps should be installed to provide easy access to the house.


- Handrails should be installed on all steps to provide support and stability.


- The walkway from the parking area to the entrance of the house should be transparent and free of any obstacles.


- The front door and storm door should be light and easy to open.


- Mats should be low-profile and not create a risk of falling.


- The bathroom can be a slippery place. If your loved one has become unstable when standing up, it's a good idea to have him evaluated by an occupational therapist to see if he needs bars to hold on to in the bathroom.


- Adequate lighting is essential for safety.

Make sure that all areas of the house are well-lit. The Elder Care Alliance offers a network of five communities in Northern and Southern California, where older adults not only live, but are places where they thrive. Home care managers for the elderly can do a home evaluation in which they see their loved one in their family environment and make professional recommendations on how to ensure that it is safe. Getting a home safety evaluation can help you live independently in your own home for as long as possible.

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